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Tina Killoran

Digital Marketing Strategist

Direct Response Copywriter | Content Creator | Social Media Marketer



Full on digital marketing strategist here; totally digging on all things in the digital world.

There isn’t one aspect that doesn’t get me all jazzed, well except teaching an awesome fitness class. What?!? You haven’t taken a PiYo LIVE class yet? View my class schedule here.

My real passion is helping businesses generate content that connects with their audience to build awareness, authority, and trust while increasing conversions and ROI. I help businesses develop and IMPLEMENT a digital marketing strategy.

Sure, you know you should blog. You know you should utilize social media. You’ve been sending emails. You have your website. You’ve been running ads on Facebook and using Google Ads.

Is it all cohesive and does it all jive with your customer? Is your messaging on point and steering prospects towards a purchase?

There’s a strategy; a method; a flow to the entire process that prompts visitors to become long-term customers. Do you have a method? Does it flow?

Tying your complete digital marketing strategy into a neat little package is going to INCREASE YOUR SALES.

And that, my friend, is the name of the game.

When you’re ready to up your content marketing game to increase brand awareness, web traffic, and drive profitable customer action, let’s set up a short discover call.



Tina Killoran




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