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Tina Killoran

Super Trainer Chalene Johnson!

There is a common misconception that fitness trainers are only trainers and they have been limited help in other areas. Chalene Johnson is one of the superstar trainers that will help impact many areas of your life.


Sure, you will see great workout videos that she has done. She is known across the world for her hits like Turbo Fire and Piyo. She also has great exercise knowledge like this HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout!


A big part of Chalene’s work is helping people see their full potential. Here is a good audio version of her show that covers ways to boost your confidence.

Register for her free Podcasts on iTunes where you can listen to The Chalene Show


You can follow her for great recipes and often she cooks with her husband, Brett.
Here is a good sample of Chocolate Protein Popcorn

Social Media Training

Chalene has extensive knowledge that she shares with entrepreneurs and business people that teaches them about using social media. She is often out doing speaking engagements.
This is an interesting training she did on Instagram.

Register for her free Podcasts on iTunes where you can listen to Build Your Tribe if you are working or want to work an Online Business.
Get your Chalene on now. She has a lot to offer. There is, no doubt, much to benefit you.

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I’m a certified copywriter, blogger, group fitness instructor who is Precision Nutrition certified and lives in Connecticut. But the really cool thing is I totally dig digital marketing. There isn’t one aspect of digital marketing that doesn’t get me jazzed…almost as jazzed as teaching an awesome class! I help businesses and individuals become the very best versions of themselves. On the business side, I develop and implement digital marketing strategies which may include sales copy, blogs, email, social media, and sales funnels. On the health side, I assist and guide Moms and Dads to live a healthy life, helping them to learn, develop, and institute changes to their daily habits to live healthy and purposeful lives.

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